From: DS Boyes, higher Rodley Lane, Leeds.

The PROPOSED discount of stakes for fixed odds making a bet terminals in licensed having a bet retail outlets to simply £2 is a step within the appropriate route towards the severe dismal that gambling in each kind represents.

Older people will be aware in Leeds pre-1960 there were no making a bet retail outlets, casinos or amusement arcades, as playing changed into not most effective frowned on then, but unlawful. youngsters many placed bets on horse racing via furtive people called ‘runners’. most pubs displayed a sign within the tap room, “writing or passing of having a bet slips prohibited”.

Even within the late 1940s, I consider some slot poker indonesia machines have been seized through Leeds metropolis Police and smashed up with sledgehammers backyard Leeds town hall. youngsters no-one desires to move returned to that circumstance, because of New Labour things went too some distance the wrong way.

playing operators, as general, are lobbying the govt with claims of lost tax revenues and jobs, bleating on in regards to the offshore competitors who pay nearly no tax in the UK – a problem without difficulty solved with the aid of any Chancellor if handiest the political will turned into there.

The supreme irony to me is that national Lottery tickets can most effective be purchased with money, anything which should be extended to each type of gambling!

community is empty observe

From: Philip Crowther, Bingley.

community is a be aware that has seeped into our lives in contemporary instances, likely extra so on account that David Cameron got here up with the huge Society – code for ‘let’s see in the event that they fall for presenting public features on the affordable’.

in my view the ‘neighborhood’ tag is a sticking plaster term used with the aid of the govt to prevent having to tackle the actual problems our country has.

I trust actual ‘community’ ceased within the Nineteen Sixties with the onset of mass tv ownership, as well as motor vehicle ownership.

group is now often mentioned by the media but the place are the examples, apart from very small hubs of individuals in hamlets or villages?

if you stroll down any excessive road these days, you are lucky now not to be bowled over by means of people scurrying with a coffee in a single hand, head down watching their mobile. ‘Please’’, ‘thanks’ and ‘excuse me’ are now phrases that pass many individuals’s lips much less and fewer.

what’s group-spirited about many individuals being fearful of strolling our streets?

This sticking-plaster time period will now not remedy our complications of insufficient police to keep legislations and order, fitness care and public provider money.

it will probably work throughout jingoistic activities akin to Royal weddings, however this is where it ends.

however, if we’re brainwashed commonly ample to accept as true with we have ‘neighborhood’, possibly all our issues will be solved.

by some means I feel not.

Brexit path no easy road

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn highway, Hedon.

GIVEN the volume of John Cole’s correspondence towards Brexit, I feel it became inevitable that considered one of his letters eventually would include whatever accurate.

Mr Cole prices facts from YouGov, suggesting that individuals often consider the system of leaving the ecu ‘no longer to be going well up to now’.

Two elements. First, given his determination – and the determination of like-minded anti-democrats – to subvert a valid election effect, the route to independence from the ecu in no way become prone to be utterly clean.

2d, in case your correspondent is even a bit smart, the phrases ‘to date’ will mood his evident satisfaction.

Robin’s grave just a delusion

From: Michael J Robinson, Park Lane, Berry forehead, Huddersfield.

I notice that a petition The Yorkshire post, may also 24 aiming to keep away from development near a website reputed to be the grave of Robin Hood has topped 5,000 names.

I imagine that not one of the signatories may have a recollection of a sequence of charming tv programmes hosted through 
Magnus Magnusson wherein he explored British myths and legends.

Mr Magnusson died in 2007 aged seventy seven so it could have been about 30 years in the past that the programmes were broadcast.

a type of programmes explored the declare that the Robin Hood’s grave marked on Ordnance Survey maps become where the outlaw was buried.

The outcomes of the excavation showed beyond peradventure that the ground beneath the ‘grave’ had by no means been disturbed.

signs of influence

From: David Burke, Horsforth.

because of your columnist Tom Richmond The Yorkshire submit, may 19, lots of the out-of-date road signs from the Tour de Yorkshire etc had been eliminated.

He’s certainly more valuable, and persuasive, at lobbying Leeds city Council than standard taxpayers.

Cans that can’t be opened

From: Elizabeth Stephens, Langley road, Leeds.

WHAT has came about to our canned meals?

i am discovering that attempting to initiate cans is terribly frustrating. I have two currently new butterfly openers, and a battery one.

i am finding it impossible to initiate many of the cans, ending up reducing the stubborn bits with heavy scissors, which can also be quite execrable.

obviously it isn’t via my inability, and the cause need to be within the manufacture of the cans?

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